We are storytellers, artists, and wanderers. We believe the world is so much larger than most people realize, and we want to share that world with you through stories, photos, art, and video. We aren’t looking for the adventure of a lifetime, but a lifetime of adventure.

Our Story

We met in the fall of 2007, while Anson was still in the Navy and Naomi was attending college in North Carolina. Married less than a year later, we’ve been together for 8 wonderful years of travel, excitement, and lots of growing and learning. We’ve visited Singapore, Guam, Hong Kong, and Korea. We lived in Japan for three years. We’ve been to Australia, New Zealand, and Indonesia.

All this travel has fostered our passion for sharing the world with others. As we started connecting with people through social media, it dawned on us that most people don’t have the opportunities we do for global travel, and we decided to make an effort to share our world with those people. Not just to write about our trips and post the photos we’ve taken, but also to encourage others to get out and see the world around them. You don’t need a huge budget to travel and experience amazing places. You just have to want to try new things.

We’re entering a new phase of life now, and we’ve decided to focus on putting together a quality resource for people who want to explore the world, but don’t really know how to start. We’ll share our stories (including how we’re making this whole thing work), and we’d love for you to share your story with us. Tell us what parts of the world you want to see, and we’ll see if we can take you there through our photography, video, and blog posts. Tell us how you make travel and exploration work for you, whether it’s across the globe or just across town.

The world is an exciting place. Let’s go explore it!

What We Do

Beautiful Travel Photography

Whether you just love exploring new places through photos, you’re looking for a new print to hang on your wall, or you’re in the market for some amazing stock photography, we’ve got you covered. Looking for photography from a particular place? Drop us a line, and we’ll see if we can help out!

Honest and Useful Product Reviews

Ready to upgrade your photography or travel gear? Not sure how that camera actually performs in real life? Maybe you’re looking for a fun, yet inexpensive hotel for a home base while you’re in Rome. Check out our product review posts for honest, balanced, and super useful info. Rest assured that we only review stuff that we’ve actually used, and we don’t take money to write nice things about bad products.

Inspiration and Life Advice

We love finding adventure at every turn in our lives, and we want you to feel the same way. We not only write about what we’re doing and seeing on our explorations, but also show you how to do the same. Follow our blog posts for tips, advice, and inspiration on your journey through life.

We Are Following the Sky

Anson VanDoren

Photographer, Writer and All-Around Nice Guy

Anson is a writer, photographer, and perpetually curious wanderer. Growing up in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea, he’s been exploring the wondrous world he lives in from a very early age. Not content with boring and easy, he always takes the most difficult route to wherever he’s going, knowing that the trip there is half the fun of the destination.

He loves sharing the exciting corners of the world with others through his travel photography, and bringing others along for the ride with his personable style of writing.

In his free time, Anson loves spoiling his wife, finding new ways to bend technology to his will, reading just about every book ever written, and teaching two Siamese cats to speak Pig Latin.

Naomi VanDoren

Photographer, Writer, Artist, Designer

Naomi is an artist, illustrator, photographer and designer. Her adventurous spirit makes its way into all of her creative work. Travel, exploration, and a curiosity for other cultures were ingrained at an early age, having grown up in the Spice Islands of Indonesia. She is passionate about life, sharing what she finds with others; her creative work reflects a deep desire to explore the world around her.

As a creative and an artist, her work revolves around transporting her viewers to new and exotic locations, whether it be in this world or fictional ones. Many of her paintings are inspired by her real-world travels and include figures in contrast with immersive landscapes. She works in both digital and watercolor mediums.

In her free time Naomi enjoys tromping through epic landscapes with her husband, sketching FoxDragons, and cuddling with two furry Siamese cats.